Ultimate Theme Nights - Freezer

Ultimate Theme Nights - Freezer

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Make ahead “dump-n-go” style recipes to go with each theme night!

The Ultimate Theme Nights Recipe List was created to help me find kid-friendly, delicious freezer meals I could add to my current theme nights (Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Slow Cooker Sunday, etc.).

I used it to create a "backup" freezer meal for every theme night I had on my meal plan. 

After you've created your theme nights for each day of the week, you can find highly rated freezer meals in this recipe list for every theme. 

Here's what's included in the Ultimate Theme Nights - Freezer Meals List:

  • Kid-friendly themes and comforting recipes that are perfect for picky eaters
  • Over 25 Theme Nights with freezer meals to match
  • 108 unique freezer meals that are the "best of the best"
  • Links directly to each recipe, and a worksheet to jot down your favorites

It's everything you need to create a backup for those meal plan "emergencies"!