Dinner Infinity Club

You need dinner ideas.

And I have lots of ways to come up with new dinner ideas that custom fit YOUR family.

The Dinner Infinity Club will...

  • give you 100+ new dinner ideas (with links to actual recipes!) every single month
  • focus on my "ingredients-first" dinner formulas and capsule pantry methods
  • be customizable - you could submit your family's circumstances/ingredients to customize future lists
  • have a community group where you could suggest ideas and ask for help/recipe ideas
  • give you priority access to new products (and you could propose new ideas)

***Join now and also get access to the recipe archives of past months!

As a Dinner Infinity Club member, you'll get...

  • Monthly drops of different lists of dinner recipes (on the 20th of each month)
  • 3 lists that follow the 3 formulas in the Dinner Infinity Playbook
    • One-Flip-Switch: takes one popular dinner and change it into 25 new ideas
    • Daily Dinner Blueprint: mix and match 12 ingredients to make 60+ new ideas
    • Dinner Duo: turn 10 dinners into 20 using the same ingredients
  • (that's 100+ recipe ideas)
  • to influence future dinner lists by requesting certain ingredients because they'll always be based on the collective of the group
  • to give me feedback to tweak or change this club

Let's do this together - join now! (cancel anytime)


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Yes, I need dinner ideas!

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