Hey, I'm Elisa!

...and I love all things simple. Single mama of 2 boys (well, really one boy & one man 😂) and a rescue dog. Meal planning wizard. Efficiency chaser. Enneagram 5w6. Lover of simple living & a minimal-ish home.

Creator and teacher of the Capsule Pantry™ method

If you long for a simple, fun, carefree dinnertime with your family, the Capsule Pantry™ method is the best way to get you there. 

Our free + paid programs will show you how to save time & money, and effortlessly get a dinner on the table that your entire family loves by using fewer ingredients to simplify your kitchen!

So...where should you start? 

1. Watch my signature FREE workshop: How a Capsule Pantry™ will Help you Effortlessly get Dinner on the Table... without wasting all your time meal planning and grocery shopping!

2. Browse the free and paid programs here in your portal.

3. Read informative blog posts on my website Meal Planning Blueprints.

4. Follow me on social to watch, read, or learn all about the Capsule Pantry and how it'll simplify your life!





Welcome, I'm so glad you're here! And remember...

Keep meal planning simple!

Available Products

Capsule Pantry™ Trello System

Organize all your Capsule Pantry digitally! A mini course with a video lesson and a set of Trello boards that will help you keep all your Capsule Pantry meal planning in one simple system. 

Capsule Pantry™ Picky Eaters Meal Plan

Make 35 kid-friendly dinners by mixing and matching only 35 ingredients!

Want to have a Capsule Pantry plan already done for you? This simple chicken breast and ground beef plan makes 35 dinners from mixing and matching just 35 picky-eater-approved ingredients! You can use this to jump start your Capsule or as a backup when you need one.

Dinner Infinity Club

You need dinner ideas.

And I have lots of ways to come up with new dinner ideas that custom fit YOUR family.

Let's do it together! 

Dinner Infinity Playbook

Quickly come up with 100+ dinner ideas your family is sure to love with this workbook and masterclass!

Daily Dinner Blueprint Calendar (undated)

Introducing my SIMPLE annual meal planning calendar that uses ingredients you have, and then gives you a “blueprint” for mixing and matching them to come up with different dinner ideas.

Simple Summer Meals

Easy lunch + dinner ideas to feed your kids all summer long!

The Make Ahead Breakfast & Lunches Plan

Go beyond cereal and PB&J every day without cooking every day!

The Make Ahead Breakfast & Lunch Plan will help you stop scrambling last minute to make breakfast or pack a lunch! This video lesson and guide will show you how to quickly mix and match your breakfast or lunch ideas with an easy formula. The guide comes with an entire month of breakfast and lunches done for you AND a complete list of breakfast and lunch ideas to expand your options! 

Ultimate Theme Nights Bundle

Go beyond Taco Tuesday.

700+ recipes organized by theme night!

Use this set of 4 Theme Night recipe lists to get dinner on the table quickly and effortlessly! Each list has 25+ theme nights and the kid-friendly recipes to match. There are links to each recipe, and a worksheet to jot down your favorites!

S.M.A.R.T. Shopper Strategy

If you want to stretch your grocery budget, this checklist of all the things you can start, eliminate, or replace will do it for you. Doing these things automatically is how I save $250+ each month on groceries!

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