Daily Dinner Blueprint Calendar (undated)

Ever stand at your fridge hoping it will magically tell you what to make for dinner? I used to do that too!

That's why I created The Daily Dinner Blueprint Calendar. It has a unique dinner formula for every single day of the year so that you'll always have an easy combination to try!

Imagine knowing exactly what's for dinner every night without meal planning every Sunday!

Introducing my new SIMPLE seasonal meal planning calendar that uses ingredients you have, and then gives you a “blueprint” for mixing and matching them to come up with different dinner idea for every day of the year.

This allows you to enjoy the benefits of getting dinner on the table without barely having to think about it!

The Daily Dinner Blueprint Calendar allows you to meal plan only 4 times per year!

This unique calendar has two parts:

1. Seasonal Worksheets - you decide what ingredients to focus on that season, plug them into the worksheet and then the formulas tell you how to mix and match them.

2. Blank Calendar - A plug-n-play calendar that gives you a unique formula (Dinner Blueprint #) for each day of the year. You just plug in the ingredients you chose from your Seasonal worksheet and the calendar tells you which formula to use.

If you want to DIY your dinners in an easy-to-follow formula for the entire year, the Daily Dinner Blueprint Calendar will do that for you.

What comes inside:

  • Undated 12-month calendar printable with the dinner formula so you can use it over and over!
  • Seasonal worksheet for you to plug in what your family loves to eat or your favorite seasonal ingredients
  • BONUS Trello board!
    • Blank Dinner Blueprints - so you can fill in your ingredients and save your recipes all in one digital spot.

Get your copy now so you can know exactly what's for dinner every night!

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